Mirka Talavaskova

Mirka Talavašková

Mirka is a fashion designer with a cultivated feeling for detail. She studied design in Prague and gathered her experience in the prestigious Atelier du Sartel in Paris. Already as a child, she knew what she would be. Her mother ran her own dressmaker’s salon, and, therefore, Mirka had the opportunity to familiarize herself with the field at an early age. Her style and creativity did not go unnoticed, and so a dream became a reality. From the little girl who painted her own clothing-designs, she became an up-and-coming fashion designer over time.

Jana Rollova

Jana Rollová

The outfits are accessorized with jewelry from the designer, Jana Rollová, which she made by hand for the Kickstarter presentation. Jana works in Paris as designer at Atelier du Sartel, a studio that designs leather goods and shoe collections for European and Asian luxury brands. In addition, she develops her own collections of jewelry and accessories.

MUI Production Team

MUI Production Team