We are a diverse group of people sharing a passion for flawless clothes that are exquisite, superior-quality, and exclusive. Our group has developed a design-philosophy that unifies our dreams, values, and ambitions into a lifestyle. We cultivate talent and originality, and we provide inspiration to all those trying to avoid the “mainstream.”

Currently, MUI has created a limited series of unique designer-pieces for women. Our emphasis is not simply on manufacturing and selling clothes. We strive to inspire our customers, guiding them in how best to attire themselves, accessorize, and create distinctive personal styles.

Our priorities are beautiful design, the perfect cut, and superior quality of materials and manufacture. The collection is fashioned under our meticulous supervision in the Czech Republic. From there we then send the completed outfit to the end customer.

MUI is carving out its space in the hypercompetitive world of fashion, where so often quantity and low price rule. Quality comes first for MUI, so we create clothes with the individual in mind.